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As part of running this and other campaigns I have developed my own framework – there are links to both the original maptool framework and the mote framework at the bottom of this page. Both of them have the same basic capabilities, although the Mote framework is the most up to date.

Maptool can be found here:-

Mote can be found here:-

As a result of the players having other systems for note taking and character records we use mote primarily as a tabletop replacement and therefore the character management is kept to a minimum. As a result I decided not to use the extensively developed framework for pathfinder that is already in existence and instead opted to build my own. Over time I have refined this framework as we play adding in new functionality to ease the gameplay experiencebq).

Paizo-logo.jpgI appreciate how much time it takes to prep these scenarios so in this area I wll be making available the framework and associated maps as we progress through the campaign. Whilst I am happy for people to use my prep work, there may be instances where it doesn’t exactly match the campaign although these should be few and far between.In addition it should be noted that anyone wanting to use this material should have purchased the hells rebels adventure path from paizo full details of which can be found here:-

Paizo:- Hell’s Rebels

Blank Maptool Campaign File for Hell’s Rebels

Latest Mote Campaign File for Hell’s Rebels

PDF of Framework Documentation

Map files for use in the above framework:-

Book 1 – In Hells Bright Shadow

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Maptool - More Details

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