GM tools

In addition to the character sheet there is also a summary sheet that can be used by the GM. This is accessed by pressing F10. And will display a simplified character sheet that allows the GM to add attacks for an NPC. Any single token the GM selects will be displayed.

If a PC selects the token and presses F10 then the description field is instead displayed.

Fudging Rolls (GM Only)

For any attack roll that the GM makes then the macro called will ask if the roll is to be amended. If so the GM can simply enter the number they wish to roll on the D20, otherwise leaving it as 0 will roll the dice as normal.

The Fudge Roll is a simple d20 roll that allows the GM to specify the number rolled, and the Fudga roll is the same except for saves.

Other Campaign Macros

Making use of other developed macros in maptools there are also several other useful macros in the campaign macros. These include a simple d20 roll, saves, Damage and Healing as well as various states.

Damage and Healing macros take into consideration staggered, disabled, unconscious and bleeding conditions and the stabilise macro will stabilise a character if they mae it or reduce their HP if they fail.


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GM tools

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