Character Sheet

For my game all of the characters have their stats loaded using the Import Statblock macro in the Campaign Macros. This sets up everything ready for the character sheet. At present only the GM can use this functionality.


The character sheet is based on one of the tutorials for frames and dialogues and is used primarily by the players. Please note that you must be impersonating a token in order for the character sheet to work. Within the campaign pressing F12 while impersonating a character will bring up the character sheet.

The character sheet has several tabs and the dice images allow the player to make the relevant d20 rolls. For the skills tab and the weapons tab the player needs to setup what they want to be able to do with the relevant bonuses etc. This means that a player can have different setups for the same weapon (e.g Raging, two-handed etc) .

On the Weapons sheet there are 2 options one of which is just for damage, for things like spells etc. this is differentiated with a D12 Dice instead of a D20 dice. Each of the individual fields can be edited and the character properties are then updated as required.

Adding or editing an attack will bring up a form to enter the details of the attack, This includes the minimum critical range, and damage information for the attack as well as the option to add multiple attacks.

All of this is designed to make it easier when playing the game so with a minimum amount of prep characters can press one button to carry out their attacks.

When making an attack the character is presented with several options that allow them to make a single attack, full round attack, together with the option of an additional haste attack. Maptools will then roll all of the attacks / damage at once incorporating confirmation rolls and additional critical damage if required.


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Character Sheet

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