Terhil Adderton


Terhil grew up in the greens district of Kintargo, only son of a minor noble family his childhood wasn’t one of privilege but the family made do and were well thought of in the city. His parents were loving and attentive and his father excelled at hunting and spent a lot of time training noble sons of the more well-known houses whilst his mother stayed true to her varisian nature and was a merchant of fine clothes and curios which she sold to the other families.

It was 10 years ago when Thrune’s forces finally caught up with Terhil’s family and they were run out of Kintargo all wealth stripped from them. Fleeing to the Ravounel Forest, they joined with other outcast’s eking an existence in this forest. His father never happy with how he’d left things decided to move back to Kintargo in secret to try and win back his name and freedom for his family.Whilst living in the forest Terhil, learned a lot from his mother and others. Skills he never knew he’d need or that he was good at, his mother ensured that Terhil knew the history of the lands and of the Silver Ravens and to understand his place in the world.

Living free of social structures and social etiquettes, Terhil became resentful of all that Thrune represented and what his family had lost. This came to a head when his mother got ill and slowly died over some months from something that could have been healed if they’d had access to clerics. A few weeks after she died a package arrived delivered by an old merchant friend of the family containing a sword, his fathers ancestral sword. Handling that sword awoke something in Terhil, his blood seemed to resonate with some ancient power.

Last Terhil knew of his father was that he was part of some group called the Silver Ravens and living out of some house in the Old town. So two years ago Terhil returned to Kintargo having been away for eight years, and has spent that time learning more about his connection with the sword and searching for his father.
Its been a little over week since Terhil has heard anything from his contacts within what he believed were a group that were part of the Silver Ravens who perhaps had news of his father, then he got a message to meet a man during the Aria Park protest


Terhil Adderton

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