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maptool-e1362429018355-300x237.pngThis framework was developed as part of an online game of Rise of the Runelords using the D20 pathfinder system and is currently being used in an ongoing game following the Hells Rebels Adventure path.

The main aim of it was to run the various encounters without the players having to manage everything in the tool. As most of my group has access to a character generator and manager like herolab I didn’t want to get bogged down in detailed character management within the tool. That said there is a character sheet functionality that enables the players to setup the rolls they wish to make.

As we use a voice chat server to run the games I wasn’t worried about chat functionality built in to the framework, but I have included Wolph42’s bag of tricks & Lindsey’s teleport utilities so there is a whisper function.

Finally my group uses Microsoft Onenote during the game so for handouts / pc portraits / other info that needs to be written down we just use that. We have found it easier than trying to keep everything in maptools plus it allows users to update things outside of the regular sessions.

As part of the framework I have amended the statblock importer to work with herolab statblocks, created some character sheet functionality and updated the initiative toolbar written by TR – to be fair it was this toolbar that was the starting point for the campaign.

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