Character Creation

Characters use a 20pt build, each class is allowed one archetype per class.

HP as max for 1st level and then ½ HD +1 per level thereafter.

Skills – I will be using the background skills option from Pathfinder Unchained (but not artistry and lore), and skill unlocks are available

Traits – Each character must take one of the campaign traits in addition to their 2 normal traits allowed

Money – Each character begins with the maximum gold for their class

XP – Rather than tracking individual XP I will level characters at appropriate points in the story. Instead of the XP bonus awarded for reaching set levels of the Rebellion Characters instead gain their choice of one of the following (each option can be taken once):-

+1 Adventuring Skill Points
+2 Background Skill Points
Skill unlock for one skill you have at least 5 ranks in
Choose one skill – this skill becomes a class skill.


All of the characters should come from or have lived in Kintargo for at least the last 2 years. The basic premise is that you have settled here and call Kintargo Home. All of the characters should also know each other in some way so that when the adventure starts there is a reason to work together, this should also reduce any inter party conflicts. In addition each character should be able to answer the following questions as part of their background:-

· How long have you lived in Kintargo
· Which district are you most familiar with
· Who do you admire / detest
· What do you consider your strengths / weaknesses
· What is the most defining thing about your character
· List 3 secrets you don’t really want other members of the party to find out about (theses can be minor embarrassments or something more serious)

All of the ‘Paizo’ Published pathfinder books are allowed with the following restrictions:-

Core Rulebook
Leadership feat (and related feats) are optional – where leadership is a class ability it can be replaced as per PFS rules
Where classes have a bonus item creation feat there is an option to replace it as per PFS guidelines.
Advanced Players Guide
Summoner is not allowed (use the Summoner from Pathfinder unchained if you want to play one)
Ultimate Combat
Gunslinger is not allowed (guns are not allowed in this campaign)
Ultimate Magic
Magus Bladebound Archetype is not allowed
Ultimate Campaign
There is a variant of the organization system from Ultimate Campaign that will be used in the adventure path
Pathfinder Unchained
The background skills option is being used
Skill unlocks are available

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Character Creation

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