Rexus Victocoro


Rexus is a charming and insightful man, blessed with a handsome face, good health, and a keen wit. Though agreeable, he is also stubborn, unwavering from his goals. The fiery passion of youth drives him to fix the world’s problems, but the lumps he took in adolescence remind him of his limitations just enough to keep him from becoming overbearing. He reads aloud without realizing
it, pushes his books onto others, and otherwise barely restrains his excitement over new discoveries.

Though saddled with a weak constitution that has haunted him since a childhood bout with sickness, Rexus boils over with a courage and initiative both his parents lacked.

Despite his power-to-the-people philosophy, Rexus prefers to dress in clothes befitting his highborn station, and never appears without a tailored coat, polished boots, and his trusty cane. He has a short frame, together with roguish good looks and smoldering eyes. Though raised on a refined diet, Rexus adores the many foreign foods found throughout Kintargo and uses any excuse to visit Jarvis End—staring down the most unusual foreign delicacies and lowbrow street meats with equal courage.


Rexus Victocoro

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