Pellius Wintrish


Pellius was born in a small village on the North Plains, in the foothills of the Menador Mountains. His childhood was as carefree as a child of Cheliax could be; the iron fist of the Chelaxian bureaucracy was still noticeable even in a small village such as his, and his parent’s paid lip service to the house of Thrune, but he was able to escape into the rolling hills once his chores were done and dream of fighting off hordes of ogres and trolls with his trusty stick. His parent’s had a reason for their lip service, that Pellius’ father was an adherent of The Accidental God, and passed his belief that every man should be able to forge his own path come hell or high water onto his son.

As he has grown older, Pellius noticed the unforgiving eye of the bureaucracy beginning to peer even into the small village he had called his home, and so with the blessing of his parents three years ago set out to find a new home, where the rule of the House of Thrune was not yet complete.

Somewhat inevitably Pellius has ended up in Kintargo one year later, quickly settling into a tenement in Yolubilis Harbour and exploring all the city’s finest, and not so fine, drinking establishments had to offer.

During these explorations he developed an unfortunate social complaint, and required the services of a discrete physician. He was introduced, in a roundabout manner, to Erik Jhaltero who produced a concoction that cured the issue, and was quite happy to take a only a bit of coin and some of the tavern gossip as payment. Since then he has stayed loosely in touch with the slumming noble, after all one never knows when one might need a cure all, and when Erik mentioned over a glass of wine at one of their infrequent catch up sessions that he was going to Aria Park Pellius decided to tag along and see what all the fuss was about.


Pellius Wintrish

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