Erik Jhaltero


The third son of Baron Canton Jhaltero, Erik has been nurtured by both parents in order to take his place in the family business and well being. Whilst Erik’s older, more physical brothers have been groomed to follow up the family’s interests in commodities such as silver and stone. Erik, due to his smaller frame and more easy going nature, was seen to be the ideal candidate to pursue the family’s other trade commodity; information.

Since being the third son, Erik was able to avoid much of the attention and scrutiny that his older brothers received. Erik is officially being schooled in the arts of Alchemy and specifically plant based concoctions. The idea behind this is to generate agents to loosen tongues and manufacture addictive substances so that dependencies can be generated and information, rather than cash, used for trade.
In order to learn these skills, Erik attends the Alabaster Academy, studying under the venerable Professor Franz Kauffman and has done so for the past five years. Though home is in the Green’s, Erik has become more familiar with the Villagre district during his tenure there.
Even after just five years Erik has noticed the decline of the Academy and he fears for its survival. The Academy is a place of knowledge and history and yet the current Dean, Bartholomew Critchlow, seems not to care. What Dean Critchlow’s ulterior motive is, Erik has yet to discern, be it greed, a pact with House Thrune or something else. What ever it is, Erik despises the Dean and could quite easily see himself one day as taking his place.

Alchemical schooling has had a second benefit and this leads into Erik’s number one secret.
Unknown to the Jhaltero family, one of the household staff has a big secret, they’re a faithful follower of Milani, The Everbloom and the member of staff in question is Felice Crissali.
Felice, who is in her 40’s, is distantly related to the family that owns the book store in Jarvis End and because she has been shunned by this part of the family, she’s spent many years planning ways to get back at them. Milani’s uprising and hope portfolio are key in Felice’s eyes and perhaps her servitude to a noble family could be the path that leads her to her goal.

As for Erik and his secret; at a young age, Erik was jealous of his older siblings. He knew he was smarter than them and deserved more recognition and to have more of an equal part in the family. He knows full well that being the third son, it is highly likely that he’ll get little revenue or help in his later years and he’ll have to make early plans if he’s to change that. During private conversations, Felice began to realise Erik’s desire for change and so bit by bit, she fed him tales and excerpts of holy text from the teachings of Milani. Over time Erik began to practice the faith of The Everbloom, seeing it as a way to further his own goals and perhaps save the city from Thrune.
Erik adores and admires Felice and when she took him in to her confidence, he promised to aid her as best he could with her own goal. 

Having never left Kintargo, Erik’s childhood was primarily spent mixing with children of a similar age from the other noble families residing in The Green’s and he made some firm friends. These associations continued when he started at the Academy but his social network grew, as his charismatic and welcoming demeanour attracted many of his fellow students, as well as customers, correction, acquaintances from less well to do circles.

It is easy to see what is going wrong in Kintargo and Erik, despite his youth, is one who is keen to help the city throw off its chains and become independent. A place of education, knowledge, fair trade and well being for all citizens. Trouble is, Erik’s ideas of how to go about freeing the city, may not be morally the right one!

Public protests in the past have been a good source of information to Erik and has helped him improve his skills as well as expand his network. This latest protest in Aria Park has peeked Erik’s curiosity, almost like an itch you can’t scratch. Well even if it’s nothing, he could always pass on a few samples of his latest recipe and monitor the results. Could be an interesting event.


Erik Jhaltero

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