The city of Kintargo has a new lord-mayor, but he’s not someone interested in maintaining that city’s free spirit. Paracount Barzillai Thrune has placed the city under martial law, and his cruel proclamations and sinister plans for the city bode ill. Can a small group of heroes and would-be rebels stand against the might of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune and the Church of Asmodeus and save their home town from being crushed under the boot of an infernal tyrant? Will one of Cheliax’s most powerful inquisitors make the city his playground, or can the rebels known as the Silver Ravens rise up to bring a new era of freedom to the so called Silver City of Kintargo? Join the rebellion! Save Kintargo! DOWN WITH THRUNE!


Welcome to this Pathfinder Campaign
The aim of this site is to help others who may be running or planning to run this campaign as well as provide an ongoing commentary for the campaign. The campaign started in October 2015 as a mostly weekly online game using Maptool. Feel free to browse around the site, which gives some technical information as well as the usual campaign info.

Hell's Rebels

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